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By Glenn Haege
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72-hour time line is critical when dealing with floods and mold

Dear Glenn: Three days ago, my toilet overflowed and continued to run while I was away for the day and lightly flooded two bedrooms and bathrooms. The bottom 6 inches of the walls show moisture content. I don't have the money at the moment to have my home remediated. I was hoping you could recommend a procedure to follow regarding cutting the sheetrock and setting up dryers and then what to use to disinfect the affected areas.

Bill, Houston

Dear Bill: Immediately opening up the walls after flooding is imperative. Just saw the sheet rock and pull out any insulation. Wear a dual canister respirator that you can get at many hardware stores. The official government designation is an N-95 respirator.

Unfortunately, the 72-hour time line is critical. The water behind the walls is as contaminated as sewer water. Go to my help site, Click on "Mold Menace" in the left hand column. Click on "A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture and Your Home" and "Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings." Read both articles. "A brief guide" is an easier read. "Mold Remediation" gives more specific directions.