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By Glenn Haege
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Consider the hot roof theory and eliminate all attic venting

Dear Glenn: I have gable vents and pot vents and no eaves. Does this exchange my attic air? I just read in your newsletter where you suggested that a gentleman having only gable vents give the hot roof theory a try. Do you suggest that for me also even though I have pot vents?

Cathy, Warren

Dear Cathy: Gable vents just disrupt the airflow. You need soffit vents. They make special vents for people with no eves. You need to find a roofer with the expertise to install them. Some are Kearns Bros. Inc., (888) 355-6700; Chris J. Gentile Roofing and Sheet Metal, (248) 583-0465; or A & Z Roofing, (248) 395-7300, to install them.

You might consider the hot roof theory, which would eliminate all attic venting as well as sealing the attic roof and gables with foam insulation. To find out more about the theory, go to my help site and type "Hot Roof" in the search engine. You want to read my July 14, 2001 article "Homeowners have new insulation option in the Hot Roof Theory."