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Kitchens & Baths

Universal Plumbing Supply

Why settle for pictures when you can get a world of choice at Universal Plumbing? Choose from Michigan's largest selection of under mounted sinks, a display of 500 faucets and a huge collection of working toilets, vessles, tubs, spas & designer items.

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Ace and Sons Insulation

Cellulose blown-in insulation & Applegate's non-expanding R foam. We have a rebate specialist on staff to help you.

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Basement Problems

SAS Services

Basement Waterproofing. In business over 25 years. Patented process, low price guarantee. Inside outside structural repair.

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Deck Care Fast & Easy book

Glenn Haege's Deck Care Fast & Easy explains what to do and what to buy for that four letter word that lives in your backyard; your deck!  This book walks you though selecting between woods and man made decking, deck maintenance, brightening, stripping, sealing and staining. It’s free!

Download the guide here

Energy News

Latest federal tax credits for energy efficient home improvements

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Michigan court ruling updates Uniform Energy Code for homes after multi-year review.

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The Green Scene

How Green are you?

Take our interactive quiz to find out

Energy Incentives

DSIRE is a comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility, and federal incentives that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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REGREEN ASID & USGBC "Residential Remodeling Guidelines"

Click here to download the 182-page book

Hot Topics

Environmental Noise Level Fact Sheet

Lead Paint Safety -- A Field Guide for Painting, Home Maintenance, and Renovation Work

The toilet house

MaP test report

Spring Cleaning

Hit the deck!

The Mold Menace

Energy Crisis and your wallet

Glenn's weekly Handyman columns

High-tech gas fireplace options heat up
-- 11/20/2014

Find out lifespan of household elements
-- 11/14/2014

Fall back is a reminder of maintenance needs
-- 11/06/2014

Home Show offers big ideas for attendees
-- 10/31/2014

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best
-- 10/23/2014

Portable heaters best for small areas
-- 10/16/2014

Insulation do’s and don’ts
-- 10/10/2014

Newer furnaces smaller, last longer and can be up to 97 percent efficient
-- 10/03/2014

Plan to ‘blitz’ your fall projects
-- 09/26/2014

Best new window is one installed properly
-- 09/21/2014

Follow a checklist for seasonal home shutdown
-- 09/12/2014

Start repairing sun's damage to decks, other household spots
-- 09/05/2014

Today's garage doors come in many styles
-- 08/29/2014

What it means to really be 'neighborly'
-- 08/22/2014

After the rain, you need to beware of mold
-- 08/15/2014

Control the humidity in your home to stay cooler
-- 08/08/2014

Tips to prep for a late-summer outdoor party
-- 08/01/2014

MSU builds a greener campus we can learn from
-- 07/25/2014

Cool tips for saving energy during the summer
-- 07/18/2014

Fill cracks in your concrete and mortar
-- 07/11/2014

Technology improves your home security options
-- 07/04/2014

Insurance coverage crucial for your next move
-- 06/27/2014

Take it one space at a time when decluttering
-- 06/20/2014

Check the rules before you dig into a project
-- 06/13/2014

Help around the house to make your dad's day
-- 06/06/2014

Most recent Ask Glenn topics

PEX is an excellent choice for new water lines
-- 12/28/2010

Lowering a thermostate can create heating bill savings
-- 12/28/2010

Call your gas company if unpleasant smells arise from gas appliances
-- 12/28/2010

Check the National Association of Home Inspectors website for licensed home inspectors
-- 12/28/2010

Use infrared scans to be sure of leak origins
-- 12/28/2010

Products are available just for suspended ceilings
-- 12/21/2010

Get an infrared scan to show where insulation is needed
-- 12/21/2010

Several different alarms exist for water backup systems
-- 12/21/2010

Sound preparation is vital to prevent peeling bathroom paint
-- 12/21/2010

Blower test can diagnose heat loss issues
-- 12/14/2010

Independent Window Repair can fix broken seals
-- 12/14/2010

Cellulous insulation can be blown in over fiberglass
-- 12/14/2010

Remove old, damaged floor before installing a new one
-- 12/14/2010

Avoid redirecting clothes dryer to heat home
-- 12/14/2010

Always get multiple estimates for waterproofing basements
-- 12/07/2010

Products can fix milky looking stamped concrete
-- 12/07/2010

Best hardwood floor is one that is installed correctly
-- 12/07/2010

Soluble salts from wet plaster are cause of peeling paint
-- 12/07/2010

Doozy products clean and shine furniture
-- 11/30/2010

Use manufacturers website to find reputable contractors
-- 11/30/2010

Giani paint on kitchen countertops creates a granite look
-- 11/30/2010

Fogging a crawl space can eliminate mold and musty odors
-- 11/30/2010

Thermal imaging camera can determine source of water leaks
-- 11/30/2010

Try floating floor over self-leveling concrete
-- 11/23/2010

Look for specialized repairmen when filling basement cracks
-- 11/23/2010

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